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Simpley Princely has established specific goals to meet the needs of children who have experienced trauma and/or difficult situations. SPCH has set forth primary and annual goals to ensure that their needs are met. 

Primary Goals

  • Foster an environment where children can develop positive and healthy relationships with others, including peers, adults, and families. 

  • Establish and maintain a family type environment where children can grow mentally and emotionally in a safe and secure setting.

  • Facilitate and encourage family preservation through constant support and direction towards the return of children to their inherent/congenital family whenever possible.

  • Maintain open communication and healthy relationships with the local community to collaborate with other agencies and organizations to ensure that SPCH provides quality care and support to meet the needs of each child, staff member, and volunteer.

Here at Simpley Princely, we are committed to the children and families we serve. 

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